Have you ever heard a golfer over-estimate his game based on a couple good holes?

It seems that this phenomenon is not limited to weekend warriors, but extends to golf television personalities as well.

Brandel Chamblee is one of those TV personalities who makes a living being controversial — from often ripping Tiger Woods to his outlandish opinions about anything related to golf. But it seems that playing the “Heel” WWE style has it’s price.

Brandel estimates that he blocks 10 twitter users per day and then multiplies that by 6 years to reach the staggering number of 20,000 blocked twitter users. I’m sure that there are multiple issues here, the first being overestimation based on a recent day where he blocked 10 users.

How long does it take to block a twitter user? Let’s say it takes 15 seconds, 10 to read the tweet and decide to block the user and 5 to actually block that user. Multiply that by 20,000 and you get 83 hours.

Does Brandel really want us to believe that he’s spent 83 hours simply blocking twitter users?