Pinhawk SL Single Length Wedges are designed to promote consistency via a single head weight and single club length, complementing the Pinhawk SL Single Length Irons set. The club heads are USGA Legal and are intended for all handicaps.

Pinhawk SL Single Length Wedges Bottom Line

It took a while to get used to the (light) weight of these wedge heads after using standard wedges (heavy) for so long. It didn’t take me long to get used to them and after a few dozen balls, I was chipping the ball cleaner than I ever have.

Plus, since the Pinhawk SL wedges are the same length and weight as my Pinhawk SL irons, it took me no time at all to get my full-swing distances on the simulator — literally less than 3 swings for each club.

The gap between my current PW and the new AW is 15 yards and the gaps between the wedges are 12-13 yards. Before this, I had a hard time hitting the Callaway wedges with full swings, but now I have a consistent distances from 205 yards (4-iron) down to 90 yards (LW).

How did I end up with these wedges?

I’ve used a set of Callaway Mac Daddy 2 wedges for the last couple years, I even re-shafted them to match the 37.5″ length of my Pinhawk SL irons.

The problem with this approach is that the Callaway wedge heads were significantly heavier than the Pinhawk iron heads, so the swing weight, release point, etc. were all different than all of my other irons.

One day after a particularly bad day chipping, I decided to complete my Pinhawk set by buying the wedges to see if my chipping would improve — it turns out that this was the best decision of the golf season so far!

Enter to win a set of Pinhawk SL iron heads, courtesy of the Single Length Irons Guy.

Look & Feel

Of course the look of these irons matches the Pinhawk SL irons exactly, all the way down to the checkerboard groove design and the “A”, “S”, and “L” engraved on the club faces.

As far as feel when striking the ball, these wedges produce far less vibration than the Callaway wedges. A center-struck ball produces absolutely zero feedback — no jarring, or vibration at all — it almost feels like you completely missed the ball altogether.

These single length wedges complement the rest of the Pinhawk line:

Pinhawk Single Length Irons Review

Pinhawk Single Length Fairway Woods Review


Pinhawk SL wedge heads are extremely affordable, coming in at less than $19 per head. This price point is well below the rest of the single length irons market, and allows you to build a 5 thru PW set for around $250 (most drivers cost more than that these days).

You can see the price points of all manufacturers’ single length sets in my Single Length Buyers Guide.

Hybrid Options Available

Pinhawk also has hybrid heads available for the “A” and “S” wedges, but not for the “L” wedge (although I can’t imagine why you would need one). 

The hybrids do cost a bit more than the iron heads, but you can still build an entire set of “A” and “S” wedges for around $130.


The gaps in the set are fairly consistent between 12 and 13 yards from wedge to wedge and the roll-outs were all 3 feet or less on full-swing shots.

Here is the shot data using the Pinhawk SL Single Length wedges:

Club A S L
Carry 116.4 104.3 91.9
Total 117.5 105.3 92.6
Rollout 1.1 1.0 0.7
Apex 35.4 30.3 29.7


Technical Specifications

The iron heads have a weight of 272 grams and the complete irons have a weight of 450 grams with a +/- 2 gram variance. I used True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 130g stiff shafts cut to 37.5″ with a D8 swing weight.

As you can see in the tables below, the Pinhawk SL lofts are stronger than a typical set of irons from club to club, which is necessary given the single length shafts — longer shafts hit balls farther, so with a shorter shaft, a stronger loft is necessary to hit the ball the same distance.

Typical Wedge Set A S L
Loft (degrees) 50 55 60
Lie (degrees) 64 64 64
Weight (grams) 285 296 296
Offset (mm) 2.9 2.5 2.5


Pinhawk SL Wedges A S L
Loft (degrees) 51 55 59
Lie (degrees) 62.5 62.5 62.5
Weight (grams) 272 272 272
Offset (mm) 3 3 3


Where You Can Buy Pinhawk SL Single Length Wedges

Pinhawk SL Single Length Wedges

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Where to buy Pinhawk SL Single Length Wedges