The Happy Putter by Brainstorm Golf is designed to be the most adjustable putter on the market — golfers can adjust the loft, lie angle, alignment, offset, and weight.

The result is a putter that is most likely more customized to you than any other golf club in your bag.

I’ve been using the Happy putter for 4 months and I love the results.

How I Ended Up with the Happy Putter

My journey to the happy putter began with an hour and a half visit to my local Golfsmith, where I putted at least 10 times with every single putter in the store. At the end of the marathon putting session, I was down to two putters, the Happy Putter and one other.

That night, I thought about the pros and cons of each putter and decided that the adjustability of the Happy Putter would give me a better chance of sinking more putts in the long run.

Happy Putter FaceToo Much of a Good Thing

The only thing that I couldn’t get past was the green face — I like the overall blue/green color scheme, but that green face was just too distracting for me. Luckily, I was able to order an unpainted face as well, which I swapped out immediately. The look of the blue/green/silver works much better for me.

Happy Putter SideAdjustability is Key

My initial excitement over trying out the Happy Putter for the first time was tempered by the balls starting and staying right of my intended target line. But, this turned out to be exactly the kind of issue that the putter was designed to solve.

Within 30 minutes, I was able to use the Happy Putter phone application to learn exactly how I needed to adjust my putter, which for me was to increase the toe weight and to decrease the offset.

I was back to sinking my 10 footers and glad that the Happy Putter was living up to Brainstorm Golf’s promises.

The Beauty of a Well Struck Ball

Besides the adjustability of the putter, the best part of using it is the feel when the putter strikes the golf ball. Actually, that feel is really a lack of feeling when the face meets the ball — it’s like when you hit an iron shot in the sweet spot and it feels like you didn’t actually hit the ball at all — awesome!

Happy Putter BackCenter Shaft Works for Me

I also especially like the putter is center shafted. This is actually a personal preference, but it precluded me from going for the more recent models that are heel shafted.

Happy Putter GripComing to Grips with the Oval Grip

The only aspect of the putter that I have an issue with is the grip. The Happy Putter has a unique oval shaped grip that is oriented vertically in relation to the golfer. This grip took some time to get used to, with it feeling OK half of the time and not OK the other half.

I believe that my specific issue is the size of the putter grip. I use midsize grips with one extra wrap on my irons and my previous putter had a Super Stroke grip, which was very comfortable. Perhaps if Brainstorm offered a midsize grip, I would feel much better with the putter in my hands.

Happy Putter TopThe Verdict is In

Four months into my Happy Putter experience, I can say that switching has worked out in my favor on the course.

On those occasions when my regular playing partners can’t make it, I’ve had to golf with a few random people. By the third or fourth hole, they had all asked to see my Happy Putter — I’m sure that if I had been missing my putts badly that they wouldn’t have bothered to ask!

Where You Can Buy the Happy Putter