Pinhawk SLF Single Length Fairway Woods are designed to promote consistency both from the ground and while teed up via a single head weight and single club length. The club heads are USGA Legal and are intended for all handicaps.

Pinhawk Single Length Fairway Woods Bottom Line

As the very first single length fairway woods set on the market, Pinhawk is pushing the envelope of the single length concept. After several rounds using these clubs, I’m beginning to get the feel for them since the club heads and weights are bigger/heavier than my current Callaway 3-wood.

Since I’ve benched my driver almost a year ago, I have not swung any club with a head larger than a 160cc head in quite some time. These fairway heads seem to be around 300cc, which is quite a bit larger that what I’m used to, but also a lot smaller than standard drivers on the market today (440cc/460cc).

There is no problem hitting these clubs off the tee, but you will probably have to adjust your ball setup when hitting them off the fairway since the length is around 1.5″ shorter than most 3-woods on the market today. The advantage of the shorter shaft length is exactly the same as the advantage for single length irons — more consistent contact and fewer fat shots.

Who are these clubs for?

These clubs are great for both beginners and experienced golfers since the underlying idea behind single length clubs is to reduce the complexity of the game which makes golf more fun for everyone — even your friends and that group behind yours that appreciates not having to wait for you to find your ball every other hole.

These single length fairway woods are a also good complement to the Pinhawk irons and wedges:

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Look & Feel

These fairway woods have the classic teardrop shape with a glossy black finish on top. The bottom of the clubs are silver-metallic and feature the loft and racing stripes in black.

The feel when hitting the ball is rock-solid, with a flush hit registering zero jarring. This buttery feel could be partially due to my somewhat unorthodox choice of shafts — I went with the True Temper Dynamic Gold Parallel Woods Steel S300 127g stiff shafts.

The choice of a steel shaft was the result of my typical miss with my Callaway XR 3 Wood (graphite shaft), which was 2-3 degrees open to path, resulting in a moderate slice on a mis-hit. With the steel stiff shaft on the Pinhawk SLF woods, my typical miss was only 1 degree open to path, resulting in a slight cut, but still in the fairway — I expect that this will enable me to hit more fairways!


The Pinhawk SLF fairway woods have a single length of 41.5 inches, compared to the “standard” fairway wood lengths of 43.25, 42.5, and 42 inches (3, 5, 7 respectively). This consistent length promotes increased accuracy, resulting in more fairways hit and lower scores.


Pinhawk SLF Single Length Fairway heads are extremely affordable, coming in at less than $45 per head or $67 per completely assembled club. This price point is well below the rest of the fairway woods market, and allows you to build a 3, 5 and 7 fairway woods set for around $200 (some “standard” fairway woods on the market go for almost $300 each).

You can see the price points of all manufacturers’ single length sets in my Single Length Buyers Guide.


The gaps in the set are fairly consistent between 10 and 15 total yards from club to club.

Here are some of my “solidly struck” shots using the Pinhawk SLF clubs:

Club 3 5 7
Carry 234.5 219.5 211.5
Total 242.2 228.2 217.2
Rollout 7.7 8.7 5.7
Apex 34.1 32.7 43.5


Technical Specifications

The fairway wood heads have a weight of 220 grams and the complete woods have a weight of XYZ grams with a +/- 2 gram variance. I used True Temper Dynamic Gold Parallel Woods Steel S300 127g Stiff shafts cut to 41.5″ with a XYZ swing weight.

As you can see in the tables below, the Pinhawk SLF fairway woods lofts are weaker than a typical set of woods from club to club, which is interesting since I would have expected them to be stronger since the shafts are shorter than standard fairway wood shafts — usually, longer shafts hit balls farther, so with a shorter shaft, a stronger loft is usually necessary to hit the ball the same distance.

Typical Woods Set 3 5 7
Loft (degrees) 15 19 21
Lie (degrees) 57 58 58.5
Length (inches) 43.25 42.5 42
Weight (grams)


Pinhawk SLF 3 5 7
Loft (degrees) 16 20 24
Lie (degrees) 59 59 59
Length (inches) 41.5 41.5 41.5
Weight (grams)  220 220 220


Where You Can Buy Pinhawk SLF Fairway Woods

Pinhawk SLF Single Length Fairway Woods

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Where to buy Pinhawk SLF Single Length Fairway Woods